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19 February 2007 @ 11:47 am
*pokes the community*  
Hey, co-addicts (you are, aren't you?)!
This community seems pretty dead, that makes me sad (*´д`*)

The introducing-post is far far back in the history, so I guess I'll write a couple of words about me first:
I'm 19 and from Germany. I don't know much about Gokusen, since so far I've only watched Season 1 of the Drama (and this just very recently). However, what I've seen so far was love.
I'm also a fan of Oguri Shun, I guess, especially in his role as Uchi.

That's where I leave introducing and make a little request:
Do you know and could you link/send any (any-any) fanfiction about Uchi or with Uchi in an important siderole?
Preferably good written... and preferably no yaoi, although shounen-ai would be ok (yeah...)

I can't believe he won't show up again in Season 2... I want to see or read more of him (and more and more... *laugh*)

I'm also looking for fanfiction about Minami or Noda...
And if you could recommend something: some not too kitchy, rather sad ShinKumi?
I want to read :)

Mh... enough for now (´・ω・`)