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Yankumi's Classroom
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This is mainly a wonderful little community dedicated to the misunderstood-yet-totally-bishie-boys of Yamaguchi Kumiko's 3-D class in Gokkusen the anime/live action drama. (By the way, the banners and cool pretty stuff is made by the lovely ♥ winged_kame ♥--she's like our Noda, y'know with the tech goods, not like she stalks Shizuka...at least we hope not) It's moderated by moi, legit, and there a few rules before entering:

1) Respect everyone's opinion! If someone for instance, sees yaoi and you don't, then don't start a cat fight in the community...please do that somewhere else, not everyone cares about how you hate blah blah....

2) YAOI or YURI are to be BEHIND A LJ CUT, along with HENTAI, please guys...keep this community respectable and put a warning, and 'Click here for a surprise' doesn't cut it...

3)Please make relevant contributions to the community. Don't just come in here and start ranting how your boyfriend left you for your teacher...that's not what we're talking about here...

4) Games can be discussed here but I'd rather you do it in a 'game-centered' community. This is supposed to be about classroom anime, not Halo 2.

5) Finally, you may post fics and fanart, but behind LJ cuts: please remember if it's more than fifty words we want it behind an Cut.

So, kiddies that should be it! Please enjoy the humble community and above all:

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